Shana is a fantastic attorney. She negotiated my parenting plan, which included a protection order, renewals of the order, modifications to the parenting plan, and dealing firmly yet gracefully with a very uncooperative ex. I greatly appreciated her tact in keeping me grounded during a very difficult process. Her work is solid, her advice is indispensable, and I couldn't recommend her more.
– Alex O.
I'm incredibly fortunate to have Shana as my attorney. She is an extremely reliable, compassionate, and dedicated attorney. Her knowledge of the law is outstanding, allowing for her to be a truthful and trustworthy professional. Shana and everyone that works with her has made me feel taken care of. I highly recommend Shana Thompson, without hesitation to any person going through a difficult divorce. She will fight for your rights, and do everything she can to resolve differences in a fair manner.
– G.O.
I came to Shana after a different law firm had squeezed a lot of money out of me in a short period of time while pointing me in the wrong direction for my case. Family law is a business built almost purely on exploiting emotions of the people involved, whether it be about the love for children or defense from or attack on a former partner. I believe as much as possible Shana stays away from this kind of exploitation. In my case, we were dealing with a former partner who wanted to attack me out of my relationship with the children as long as the baton was in her hands and a lawyer on their other side who was promoting that behavior as much as possible. Shana was realistic in setting expectations and clearly explained to me what I needed to do to get the children to spend as much time with me as possible. I was offered 2 hours a week supervised with my children by the other party which Shana urged me to start because the path back was slow. It was extremely painful to see my children who I had brought up with a lord of hard work under those conditions, but in hindsight it was the right path back. Today my children live with me 7 nights a week every week, Shana contribution on this was to keep me on the right path so that when the opportunity arose I was ready to take back care of my very young children. My case cost me a lot, but the cost would have been higher with most other lawyers with similar experience given the circumstances. I recommend Shana highly as a family law attorney, and advise all people going through the process to keep emotions ay bay as much as possible and think practically, as that is in your and your kids (if any) best interest.
– Sorabh G.
I was fortunate enough to be referred to Shana Thompson in 2011 and have worked with her on family issues ever since. She is honest, fair, and has given me professional and level headed advice. I have always come out of the court room knowing I just received the best representation possible. If you need a family lawyer, I am sorry to hear that, but you can feel better now that you have found Shana Thompson.
– Mark G.
Shana is an exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced attorney. I found myself in a bitter custody battle with my ex-spouse; during the most frightening and painful period in my life, Shana was the strength and advocate that I desperately needed. Always available to me throughout my case, she went above and beyond to keep me calm and confident, and to keep fighting for what was right. Her great memory, sharp thinking, and attention to detail were impressive during heated moments - you'll never see her unprepared or flustered. I can never thank Shana enough. Although I hope to never need her services again, there is absolutely no one else I would call to be in my corner.
– T.K.
Shana and her team were able to work with me in a difficult and emotional case. They went above and beyond my expectation on the case. They keep me focused and was very professional during some tough times. I would recommend her for any child custody situation.
– J.C.
Shana Thompson has a rare blend of talents that allow her to be exactly the person you want sitting next to you during stressful court proceedings. During my custody battle, she helped me every step of the way. This does not mean she just filed paperwork and showed up in court, but she also talked to me about the process, reassured me when things got tense, and fought for my son and me in the courtroom. One of the stipulations we put in the parenting plan was for my son to call me every night at 9pm if he was not with me. This allowed me to be at least a small presence in every day of my son's life. My son is 20 now. And he still contacts me every night. It is the sort of gift I cannot put a price on and the sort of detail Shana Thompson pays attention to. In the course of two divorces and two custody battles, I have had my share of lawyers who just did their jobs. Shana was the one who seemed to go through the experience with me. She's a talented lawyer who cares. I give her my highest recommendation.
– Jack C.