Shoreline is a King County city located between the city limits of Seattle and the Snohomish County line. The city is only 9 miles north of Downtown Seattle, so people commute daily from Shoreline to work and provide for their families. Shoreline is home to multiple suburbs and therefore it’s common for families to pack up and move to the city so they can settle down. However, that also means family law disputes are common in Shoreline, Washington.

Facing a divorce or other family law dispute can be incredibly stressful for everyone involved. This sect of law is extremely complicated and poor decision making could hurt you tremendously in the end. Whether it’s a divorce, support modification, paternity hearing, annulment, or a restraining order, we suggest you don’t take the DIY approach and instead hire an experienced Shoreline family law attorney. They can help you identify your legal options and guide you through the process, so you come out happier, healthier, and financially sound.

Shoreline Divorce Lawyer, Washington | King County Family Law Firm

Getting a divorce can feel like diving headfirst into the unknown. The process can be complex and require a great deal of financial and legal knowledge to navigate. Not to mention the various that may arise outside of the divorce process you may have to deal with including emotional distress or learning to parent your children as a single parent. For these reasons and more, we highly encourage you to seek out the services of Shana Thompson and her team at Law Offices of Shana E. Thompson.

The Shoreline family law attorneys at Law Offices of Shana E. Thompson are ready to help you today. We have years of experience dedicated solely to family law and divorce that we can utilize for your case. Call Law Offices of Shana E. Thompson today at (206) 712-2756 to set up your first consultation in the greater Shoreline and King County area including, but not limited to Seattle, Bellevue, Kent, Renton, Federal Way, Tacoma, Redmon, Kirkland, Burien, and Burien. We also accept clients in Snohomish County, Washington.

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Common Family Law Disputes in Shoreline, WA

All family law matters in Shoreline are handled at the King County Superior Court. The court has jurisdiction over all kinds of family law disputes including dissolution of marriage, establishing paternity, adoption, and other important matters. Listed below are some common family law cases seen by our family law attorneys in Shoreline, Washington.

  • Divorce / Dissolution of Marriage – When a marriage just doesn’t work anymore, it’s best for both parties to move on and seek out other paths. The state of Washington allows Shoreline residents to do this by filing for divorce or dissolution of marriage in the King County family court. The complexity of a divorce will depend on how contentious the split is. If the couple is unable to compromise on important matters such as asset division, then they may be required to go to trial. These proceedings can last for months and in some rare cases years.
  • Alimony or Spousal Support – Divorce brings massive change to everyone involved, especially if one spouse earns more than the other. This gap in income, assets, or business interests is recognized by the King County court and they may grant spousal support to the lesser paid spouse. The support is supposed to supplement for the income/security they lost due to the divorce. Alimony can be modified in court, but the paying spouse must have substantial reasons to do so.
  • Child Support – Even when two parents are divorced, they both still have a legal duty to provide for their child. Washington family laws state whoever has primary custody of the child will be rewarded support according to the Washington Child Support Schedule. The Schedule calculates a child support payment based on various factors. Child support orders can be modified if the paying parent has had an extreme change in circumstances such as loss in income or diagnosis with an expensive medical condition.
  • Paternity Issues – If a child’s parent isn’t established at birth, that doesn’t mean it can’t be established later on. The father, mother, the child, and even the state possesses the right to file a Petition to Establish Parentage. The petition will spark a hearing to determine if the individual is the father of the child. The state may have said person undergo a DNA test to establish or deny lawful paternity.
  • Contempt Motions – Contempt orders in family law are typically related to civil court orders regarding divorce such as child support or child custody. If a person violates a court order, a complaint can be filed against them with a motion of contempt. A hearing is scheduled and during the proceedings where both parties (petitioner and respondent) can present their arguments. If the judge determines the respondent is in contempt of court, then they could be sentenced to jail and pay steep fines.
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How Do I File for Divorce in Shoreline, Washington?

Divorce is a pretty straightforward process, what can make it complicated is when both parties are unable to compromise on important issues. To file for divorce, you will first have to complete the necessary paperwork required. These documents will include the petition for dissolution, confidential information form, and a vital statistics form. If you share children with your ex, then you’ll be required to fill out additional paperwork.

You will then have to file these forms with the King County Superior Court Clerk’s office. To file the form, you’ll be required to pay a fee of around $250. Make sure you have two copies. One to serve to your ex-spouse and one to keep for your files. After that’s done, you can start making plans to serve your ex-spouse. Depending on how contentious the split is, you may want to hire a process server to ensure your ex-spouse receives their divorce papers.

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Can I Get a Divorce Without Going to Court in Washington?

Most divorces in Washington are finalized without either party having to go to court. A dissolution of marriage is only brought in front of a judge if both spouses are unable to compromise on the terms and conditions of their divorce agreement. The majority of divorcing couples will try to take the amicable approach first by pursuing negotiations on terms they don’t agree on such as child custody or asset division. Usually, these conversations are had through attorneys in an effort to ensure the conversation is productive.

Some couples will pursue Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) instead, which is another term for mediation. It’s a confidential, voluntary, non-binding process that allows an unbiased third-party act as a guide toward a mutually beneficial agreement for both parties. The mediator will not impose any will or judgement. Their only goal to help both parties find an agreeable solution by identifying conflicts, finding possible mutual ground on issues, and more.

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Family Court Resources in Shoreline, WA

King County Family Court – Visit the official website for the King County Superior Court to learn more about how the family court division works and the rules. Access the site to schedule a family law motion, look at their updating virtual hearing information, parenting seminar information, and other family court services and programs.

King County Court Clerk – Visit the official website for King County to learn more about their court clerk services. Access the site obtain the clerk’s office number, use their live chat feature, look up court records, file documents, request records or copies of court records, and more.

Washington Family Law Handbook – Visit the official website of the Washington Courts to access their Family Law Handbook, which goes over every part of family court in King County and Shoreline. Access the site to learn about what happens during divorce, procedures for child abuse and neglect cases, and how to establish paternity in Washington.

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Shoreline Divorce Resources

How to Divorce Guide for King County – Visit the official website for King County to learn more about the divorce process in Washington. Access the “roadmap” to learn the steps of divorce, difference between an uncontested and contested divorce, what forms you’re required to file, and where you can find this information.

General King County Family Law Resources – Visit the official website for King County to access a long list of family law resources you may need. Access the site for resources regarding Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), child support, domestic violence, bilingual resources, and resources for non-parental units.

New Beginnings | Domestic Violence Support in Shoreline – Visit the official website for the non-profit, non-partisan group New Beginnings which is an organization dedicated to helping women escape domestic violence through divorce. Access the site to learn more about domestic violence and if you’re a victim, their programs available, more about their Board of Directors, and stories from survivors of domestic abuse.

Shoreline Divorce Support Group – Visit the official website for Psychology Today to look into a separation and divorce support group near Shoreline. Access the site to learn more about the lead therapist, the details of the group, when the group meets, and the therapist’s location.

How Children Cope During Divorce – Visit the official website for Mediate, the largest online source for mediation news and information in the US. Access the site to read an article written by Bob Livingstone about how children suffer during highly contentious divorces. Read the article to learn how your child may be processing the divorce and what you can do to help them understand the process.

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Family Law Attorney Shoreline, Washington

The experienced Shoreline family law attorneys at Law Offices of Shana E. Thompson are ready to help you at a moment’s notice. Whether it’s filing for divorce, negotiating with the other party, calling upon experts, or litigating in court, our lawyers are exceptional at what we do and have a track record to prove it. If you choose one of our skilled litigators to represent you case, you can expect:

  • Microscopic focus on your needs as well as personalized attention
  • Open communication at any time. You will never be on the backburner with us.
  • Our legal team to work tirelessly so you can achieve a favorable outcome for your case

Call Law Offices of Shana E. Thompson today at (206) 712-2756 to set up your first consultation in Shoreline. We also accept clients in all parts of King County and Snohomish County, Washington.

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